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Equip Up Store, LLC

Finding the right piece of equipment, machinery or tool meeting project project specifications is always challenging and time consuming. Equip Up Store is a Global Buying house and Equipment Trading Company commecting Buyers with Sellers of Industrial Equipment, Machinery, Tools and Services. The company strategically located Houston, Texas, North America and has operations in Africa, Asia, Middle East. The company has three key divisions; Sourcing and Procurement Division, eCommerce Division and Equipment Sales Division.

Sourcing and Procurement Division
Purchasing and sourcing can account for more than 50 percent of overall costs in many industries. Equip Up Store  is a global one-stop-shop offering end-to-end  Capital Equipment and MRO sourcing and Procurement services to  manufacturers and end users of industrial equipment in healthcare,  Oil & Gas, manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Food processing, Aviation, logistics, transportation  and many other industries globally.

No matter your industry, our strategic sourcing and procurement business model aims to give customers continuous improvement to their buying process by consistently re-evaluating commodities, suppliers, purchasing practices, performance and delivering a costs effective solution.  We offer turnkey sourcing and procurement services to improve overall supply chain operations across multiple platforms.

Through determining our customer requirements and selecting effective suppliers while applying effective performance appraisal and continuous improvement methods, we continue to assured clients that; they are equipped with suppliers that are fit for business and will deliver their project expectations and requirements.

eCommerce Division
Equip Up Store, LLC owns, manages and operates an eCommerce marketplace for industrial equipment under the domain name Equipupstore.com.  The E-commerce division develops online business services and concepts. The division is responsible for the largest and most important B2C segment of our company. Our marketplace connects with millions of Buyers and Sellers of Industrial Equipment, Machinery and Tools in over 210 countries globally and these numbers continue to grow.

By connecting Buyers and Sellers on a centralized eCommerce platform, Equipupstore.com has become a unique marketplace to auction, rent and sell - industrial equipment, tools and machinery globally.  
We recognize that every customer is truly unique and that our customers come in all shapes and sizes. Our ultimate goal is to make doing business with us easy and efficient regardless of whether your business with high volume customized orders or just an individual with a few stock products to get you by for a short period of time.
Our eCommerce solutions provide our customers the convenience of:

Centralized sourcing and purchasing with multiple location delivery.
Secured Buyer and Seller protection using our Escrow Service.
Corporate contracted pricing with localized on demand ordering.
Scheduled and automated orders when supply and demand are consistent.
Personalized account management.
Convenient online tracking of order history, order status and preferred product lists
Loyalty Programs for rebates on future purchases or gift cards from our retail partners
Personalized sourcing solution delivered within 24 hours.

Join Equipupstore.com as an individual or business and immediately connect with millions of users selling or buying equipment online. Videos, jobs, objectives, products, catalogues, press release, reviews and other company information can be added to user profiles to enable them connect faster.
 Buyers can post one buying request on equiupstore.com and receive multiple quotes from suppliers within minutes.  

Equipment Sales Division
Equip Up Store has been serving as a global distributor of Industrial equipment, machinery and Tools for multiple industries. With millions of products from almost every industry to choose from and an ever growing inventory in our warehouse facilities, Equip Up Store is working with suppliers to help thousands of buyers around the world inspect, buy, ship and finance new and used equipment every day.  We do this by building lasting business relationships for sustainable growth.
To protect Buyers and sellers, Equip Up Store acts as a guarantee between buyers and seller. Equip Up store captures all payments from buyers and deposits such funds into a Equip Up Store escrow account. The funds are held in an escrow account until a delivery confirmation for the product is received from the Buyer. Equip Up Store pays the Seller directly on a weekly interval to the bank account provided by the seller as a payment option.     

Additionally, our Equipment sales team of experts allows us to directly sell industrial equipment with either a maintenance contract or a Smart Hands solution, depending on the needs of the client. Our contracts are flexible, our warranties are flexible and we also offer leasing. Your decommissioning equipment is an opportunity to help you find fair market value, resell or securely recycle, and replace and purchase newer equipment on one marketplace with solutions that meet your business goals.  Buying or Selling Industrial Equipment, Tools, Machinery and services has never been easy until now. Join Equipupstore.com and start connecting with millions of users globally.

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